Michael Zou

Game and Animation Portfolio

Brain Teaser Game

A game where you try to move tiles into the correct location. Reset in a way where the game is guarantee to complete. Created with Unity

Top Down Tank Shooter

A game where a player tries to last as long as possible while dealing with different types of enemies using 3 unique weapons. Written in Java using Greenfoot.

Unit Strategy Game

2-4 players hotseat military strategy game. Features include a tech tree, terrain, attack range highlights. Written in Java using Greenfoot.

Typing Game

Single player game where the player shoots bullet at zombies by typing the correct word on the screen. Written in Java using Greenfoot.

2D Platformer

Simple 2D platformer game with an animated playable character and feedback on collisions with objects and traps. Created with Unity.

Demonstration of

Pythagorean Theorem

Animation showcasing a proof of the Pythagorean theorem. Created using the manim animation engine.